Monday, December 6, 2010

Today almost a 100 Contractual Lecturers from colleges all over West Bengal gathered at Bikash Bhawan at 11a.m. with the hope that some positive news about our GO shall be heard. But the story is still the same; it is still under process.
According to the information received from the Education Minister, our GO is going through the final stages before publication. Probably we would hear something about it not before Wednesday as the Finance Minister is out of station and he would be back by tomorrow.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Friends,

Today we have been informed by the Personal Secretary of our H'able Education Minister that a representative of the education department has gone to have a talk with the Finance Ministry on our GO and that we can expect something by the following week especially, by Monday.

There were some queries of the Finance Dept. which are to be resolved yet.

He further assured that it will come out very soon.

But when?????

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attention Full Time Contractual Lecturers


Dear all Full Time Contractual lecturers in West Bengal,

It is high time that we protest against the injustice done to us!!!!
At present we are the most underpaid and exploited lot in the colleges in West Bengal.We have been promised by the State Govt. that our situation is under active consideration and a Government Order framing our service rules shall be issued soon in November. But today is 24th November and we are still in the dark. How long should we wait to get WHAT WE DESERVE?

Again, those who were known to be advocating our cause, are now jealous when we are being provided financial and job security by the West Bengal Government though they have already got what they have wanted for so long---hike in salary and job security.

Are we going to sit and take all insults quietly ?

Dear friends, please suggest what should be our next move???